Automated parking and charging system in a confined space


HyperPark is a pioneering advancement in the history of parking solutions. This revolutionary system redefines urban mobility, enhancing both parking efficiency and electric vehicle charging capabilities.

HyperPark deploys an innovative automated vertical parking system within a 68-meter deep shaft, providing 100 parking lots while utilizing less than 130 square meters of land – merely 5% of the space required by traditional parking facilities.

What sets HyperPark apart is its seamless integration of parking and charging processes. Fully charged vehicles are automatically moved to their designated parking spaces in shaft, allowing the charging robot arm to operate continuously, eliminating idle time. This ensures electric vehicles are powered up at an impressive rate of up to 480kW.

With the potential of operating as a 100% carbon-neutral facility, HyperPark leads the way in environmental sustainability. In comparison to conventional parking garages, it reduces emissions significantly, saving an estimated 54 tons of CO2 per year.


12m Diameter
130m2 Area

68m Depth
25f Underground

100 Parking lots / Shaft
<60s Pick up Time

Boost charging station utilization up to 80%
Turning EV-charging from a marginal earning business to Cash-Cow

This groundbreaking concept was conceived by LAB1886 of Mercedes-Benz AG in 2019. Currently, a series of pilot projects are underway in Nanjing, China, with operational solutions already benefiting a local hospital.
HyperPark, a thriving high-tech startup based in Shanghai, leverages German engineering expertise to drive sustainable urban development, meeting the dynamic demands of the Chinese market with resounding success.
Our China venture is just the start. Committed to global expansion, we're set to introduce urban e-mobility infrastructure worldwide. Let's forge a future where parking and green transportation seamlessly harmonize.



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